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Industry Sector's - Cutting Tools

We started to supply multi-axis CNC grinding machines for the production of end mills and drills in the 1980’s and many leading tool manufactures and re-grinders as well as end-users of rotary tools are customers of ours. The ever changing world of continuous advances in cutting tools geometry continues to ensure that companies involved in this field need to have the most flexible machines available as competition increases.

Grind your cutting tools

Haas with the latest CU machine offers many advantages to cutting tool manufacturers od more complex end mills, form tools, and drills and Haas continues to supply numerous machines with 6 CNC Axis for the one hit machining of special cutting tool inserts in a single automatic operation.

Haas Grinding Machines

Deburr and polish your cutting tools

Gerber’s deburr and edge preparation machines are widely used by major cutting tool manufacturers for the edge preparation and deburring of various cutting tools especially inserts and cylindrical tools of all kinds.

Magnet Finishes new and revolutionary tool polishing machines are also used for edge preparation but also to finely polish cutting tool flutes to ensure perfect chip evacuation during very high speed machining.

Gerber Edge Preparation Machines
Magnet Finish Tool Polishing and deburring machines.

Coat your cutting tools

One of the main applications for platit coating machines is the coating (usually TiN, TiCN, CrTin, etc) of cutting tools (end mills, form tools, and drills) and also inserts, saw blades, hobs and broaches. Here Platit leads the way in offering cost effective solutions that means that tool manufacturers can now easily and cost efficiently coat their own tools and cutters instead of relying upon expensive subcontract solutions.

Platit Coating Machines


We also supply other products for use by the cutting tool industry including:
Diamond Dressing Rolls
Grinding Fluids
Loading Systems Gerber
Handling Tech
Krebs & Riedel
Magnet Finish