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The growing Medical Industry is another major manufacturing sector that we are heavily involved with having supplied machines to most of the large International OEM Medical companies and to their sub-contractors that have manufacturing plants in the UK and Ireland.

Typical solutions are provided by Haas who are the industry leading provider of grinding machines for a variety of medical components to allow perfect part quality right from the un-machined blank. Medical engineering applications are numerous but include artificial knee joints (both single UNI knees and total/double knees) hip rasps, hip stems, base plates/trays, finger joint parts, elbow components and bone screws etc.

Having worked on numerous medical projects we are aware of the strict need for total process repeatability with full validation throughout projects and of course during eventual production. The need for perfect part quality combined with the pressure to reduce cycle times as competition increases in the medical part sector is understood.

Gerber provides various brush deburr solutions for medical parts such as shavers and cutters and bone drills and reamers.

Krebs & Riedel provides advanced abrasives including special resin bonded dressable CBN wheels as used for producing artificial knees.

We also supply medical companies with our range of diamond dressing rolls (as used on Haas grinders or similar) and a variety of coolants for milling and grinding operations.

For all of our machine tools we can arrange for machining trials to be conducted to prove out finished part quality on individual components by way of a demonstration for you.

Advanced Grinding Solutions for the Medical Industry

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