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Diamond Dressing Rolls

From Advanced Grinding Solutions

Many of the advanced grinding machines that we sell are fitted with diamond roll dresser units and this has led us to supply diamond rolls for grinding machines of all types.

Rotary Diamond Dressers are recognised as being the most efficient and economic means of dressing grinding wheels to the correct form, tolerance and condition and many of our customers in the automotive, aerospace and precision engineering industries use these to great effect.

We can get diamond rolls designed, developed, manufactured and installed for your specific grinding processes at a very cost effective price and unlike many also on a fast delivery.


Handset Sintered Dressers are our most commonly supplied type of Rotary Diamond Dresser, and cover applications where overall robustness is required and the general tolerance is reasonably open. In the manufacture of these rolls; diamonds are selected and set by hand into the mould and secured into position by a sintering process.


Random Set Sintered Dressers have the big advantage in that they can be delivered quickly to meet urgent customer requirements. If you suddenly need a roll set then we can get one for you FAST. These are often supplied where a fast delivery time is needed combined with a fine surface finish.


Reverse Plated Dressers are selected where a very high accuracy of profile detail is required together with a correspondingly high quality surface finish on the component. This is made possible by the special manufacturing process that ensures dressers are manufactured with exceptional accuracy for the most demanding grinding tasks. Typical applications include the root grinding on turbine blades or applications within the bearing industry (as serviced by the Nova grinding machines sold by AGS).

We offer our customers a full design and service taking customers component drawings and getting diamond rolls designed to suit or otherwise if you already have a drawing for your existing diamond roll set then just send that to us and we will offer you the most accurate dressing rolls at an attractive price and on a fast delivery time.

Typical Dressing Disc on a Tschudin Centreless Grinding Machine for general applications.


Our range of machines is supplied to numerous companies all around the world and the leaders in industry use these to great affect.
We have many thousands of worldwide references but customers that we have supplied equipment to here in the UK include, amongst others:

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