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Magnetfinish is a remarkable new process that has been developed to dramatically increase the performance and lifetime of all types of cutting tool. Many cutting tools can last over twice as long and be ran at much higher speeds and feeds after being processed using Magnetfinish technology.

Abrasive powder is processed by magnets across the surface of the cutters with controlled but variable directions. The ground surfaces of cutting tools are polished to a roughness of Ra = 0.02 um / Rz = 0.08 um is achieved. The outside edges and chip cutting edges are machined with a precisely defined and fully reproducible radius of between 3 and 50 um.

The flute polishing of cylindrical tools such as deep-hole drills or milling cutters gives a superior chip flow in production leading to a vastly improved productivity of the tools. The defined rounding of the cutting edges of tools avoids the running in phase thus extending tool life time. Tools that are coated are processed prior to coating to improve the adhesion of the coated layer.

Magnetfinish technology is also used to improve saw blade performance with blade diameters between 80 mm and 630 mm being catered for. The process is used for the high precision rounding of cutting edges, polishing of surfaces and deburring. An optimal preparation before tool coating is achieved through the controlled honing of the cutting edges and elimination of grinding marks. After the coating process the Magnetfinish technology is able to reduce the roughness of the coating and to remove droplets, significantly enhancing coated saw blades performance as well.

The photographs below detail a standard M6 Tap before and after Edge preparation and polishing.

M12-Tap, 80 x magnification, cutting edge jagged and with burrs

After MF-process for 15 secs = elimination of nicks and burrs & surface polishing

Cutting Tool Manufacturers gain the competitive edge with Magnet Finish

Magnetfinish machines are also used within the automotive industry where critical components need to be burr-free or have a perfect re-producible chamfer on them to aid part assembly. Typical end users include Delphi Diesel Systems who have two Magnetfinish machines in use producing fuel injection components.

Please contact us to discuss you deburring or polishing application. We are happy to arrange for test parts to be machined for you free of charge at Magnetfinish and to provide a report for your consideration.


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