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Deburring and Edge Preparation Machines

The technique of brush honing ultra-hard materials has been pioneered by Gerber for more than 40 years. The Gerber BP-M machines use advanced part dedicated brushes which result in a repeatable material erosion during the honing/polishing process. For simple shapes, nylon brushes impregnated with abrasive grit are used. A different approach is used for parts with more complicated shapes or with higher requirements on the quality of the surface polishing. Here brushes are made from natural materials and a special diamond paste is applied.

Flat components are processed on a planetary polishing table. Through the rotary movement of the polishing table, workpiece holder and brush, the edges of parts are all evenly radiused. At the same time, the complete surface covered by the rotary brush is polished. Customers around the world are now making use of brushing and polishing machines for polishing and defined honing of inserts and for deburring and polishing of turned, milled, ground, punched, water-jet-cut and laser-machined workpieces.

One of Gerber’s main applications is the edge preparation, deburring and polishing of all types of cutting tool inserts and customers include Plansee-Tizit, Sandvik, P.Horn, Sumitomo, Iscar, and Kennametal. Inserts are brushed on a planetary table with the rotary motions of the table, workpiece carriers and brush producing an equal and highly controlled radius on the edges of cutting tool inserts. Through the use of various types of brush combined with variable machine parameters it is possible to produce various contours and shapes on insert edges including the full radius, waterfall and flat forms that are used throughout the insert manufacturing industry. The entire top surface of the inserts is also highly polished at the same time the edge forms are created. Simple cost effective "bench top" models are available that despite their low cost and size can still produce 250 or more inserts per hour.

For rotary components such as cutting tools Gerber have developed a machine with a revolving polishing/brushing table.

Apart from insert production, Gerber machines are also used for the manufacture of valve plates, pump components, fuel injection parts and rotors etc. whereby parts need to be de-burred with edge forms being controlled.

Deburr, Polish and Edge Prep with Gerber!


Our range of machines is supplied to numerous companies all around the world and the leaders in industry use these to great affect.
We have many thousands of worldwide references but customers that we have supplied equipment to here in the UK include, amongst others:

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